Sylvie Bourban “Carnet de Route” (Vizir Records, 2011)


Sylvie Bourban

“Carnet de Route” was commissioned by the council of Patois (which works for the preservation of Swiss dialects) to Swiss singer Sylvie Bourban. The cd is divided in two chapters- the first chapter was recorded duo with Swedish guitarist Mattias Windemo, and the second one was recorded with a jazz quartet in Boston (MA), with arrangements written by myself.

“Lu Bela Marre” (Sylvie Bourban)
An ironic tune that talks about the problems someone has with his ‘mother in law’. It was really great to have the opportunity to write for the great trombone player David Harris!

“Ouei!” (Sylvie Bourban)
A great tune talking about the joy of touching grass, hiking mountains and many other simple pleasures, with a very nice bass solo by Dylan Coleman.

Sylvie Bourban, voice
Juan Andrés Ospina, piano
Dylan Coleman, bass
Pablo Eluchans, drums
David Harris, trombone in ‘Lu Bella Mar’