Sylvie Bourban, “Aussi pour les petits” (2013) Vol. 2


<Aussi pur les petits Vol 2

The second volume of the children’s music album “Aussi pour les petits”, with 10 new incredible songs by my talented friend Swiss singer Sylvie Bourban.

“Je veux un chat! (Sylvie Bourban)
An energic bahiao talking about a kid that really wants a cat, and who is willing to do whatever he can to get one.

“Jose” (Sylvie Bourban)
A tender song Sylvie wrote to her niece Josephine.

“Ali Baba” (Sylvie Bourban)
A kid is imagining having great adventures in Arabic caverns and treasure huntings, but he is constantly thrown back to his boring reality!

“Le Chameau” (Sylvie Bourban)
A camel who hates tourists, and is constantly dreaming about laying on the beach and doing nothing.

“On sera le meilleurs” (Sylvie Bourban)
An acrobat and a lion trainer who work at a circus, and who dream about becoming the best in the world.

“Firmin” (Sylvie Bourban)
A deer hanging on the wall who knows tons of stories.

Sylvie Bourban, voice
Juan Andrés Ospina, piano and arrangements
Magda Giannikou, accordion and production
Ignacio Hernandez, guitar
Marcelo Woloski, percussion
Petros Klampanis, bass
Pablo Eluchans, drums
Linus Wyrsh, clarinet
Hadar Noiberg, flute