Sylvie Bourban, “Aussi pour les petits” (2012) Vol. 1



The 4th album of Swiss singer Sylvie Bourban was, just as ‘Carnet de Route’, a commission by the Council of Patois (an organization which works for the preservation of Swiss dialects), just that this time it was for a Children’s Album. The Cd has 10 original children songs written by Sylvie, both in French and Patois. I arranged the music and played the piano, and my friend Magda Giannikou produced it.

“Mon raton laveur” (Sylvie Bourban)
One of my favorite tunes in the album, a very beautiful waltz that talks about a small racoon.

“Je N’aime Pas” (Sylvie Bourban)
A great and very energic song with a rock-feel, talking about kids not wanting them to be told what to do.

“Le blues du chat” (Sylvie Bourban)
This song describes many different cats through an energic dixieland rhythmic feel.

“P’tit Ours” (Sylvie Bourban)
A beautiful song by Sylvie, where someone is telling a little bear to go and travel with him to have amazing adventures.

“Ernest” (Sylvie Bourban)
A funny song talking about a crancky old man named Ernest.

“Vole Vole Vole” (Sylvie Bourban)
A little kid who wants to catch a flying leaf was the inspiration of this beautiful song by Sylvie.

“Je veux!” (Sylvie Bourban)
I arranged this song for Sylvie’s previous album ‘Carnet de Route’ as well. In this version it has a more defined Brazilian feel.

“La Bête Du Tiroir” (Sylvie Bourban)
There is a strange but loving insect living in a kid’s room.

Sylvie Bourban, voice
Juan Andrés Ospina, piano
Ignacio Hernandez, guitar
Marcelo Woloski, percussion
Petros Klampanis, bass
Pablo Eluchans, drums
Magda Giannikou,accordion and production