Sofia Ribeiro “Mil e uma cores” (Ebitdabooks 2012)

CREDITS: PRODUCER, ARRANGER, PIANIST (tracks #4, 5, 6, 7 and 8, rhodes in track #3)


Portuguese singer Sofia Ribeiro writes music for the children’s stories written by her sister Manuela Ribeiro. Each story comes with a different song, and I had the opportunity to produce, arrange and play for 5 of these.

“Serafim” (Sofia Ribeiro)
A beautiful children’s tune by Sofia featuring the voice of her talented niece Diana Ribeiro. The song talks about a hippo that is always sick because of not eating enough fruits and vegetables, thus teaching kids about the importance of eating healthy!

“Frederico, o cinto de asegurancã” (Sofia Ribeiro)
A song that is meant to teach kids to use the safety belt while riding cars, with a clear influence from Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder! [

“Granadas” (Sofia Ribeiro)
Another original song by Sofia, featuring the voice of her sister Susana Ribeiro and another niece, Maria Teresa Santos Ribeiro. Teaches kids to curb their dogs!

“As mantinhas do sono” (Sofia Ribeiro)
A very beautiful song with the melody shared between Sofia, her sister Luisa and her niece Martinha (wait for the very ending to listen to her very kiut voice).

Sofia Ribeiro, voice
Juan Andrés Ospina, piano
Andrés Rotmistrovsky, bass
Marcelo Woloski, drums
Matt McDonald, trombone in ‘Serafim’
Greg Ruggiero, guitar in ‘Granadas’

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