Sofia Ribeiro “Ar” (2012)



“Os teus olhos” (Sofia Ribeiro/Florbela Espanca)
A musicalized poem by Portuguese poet Florbela Espanca, with a beautiful solo by guitarist Greg Ruggiero.

“Mimo (Sofia Ribeiro)
A funny song written by Sofia, talking about one being spoiled and wanting everything for oneself. Listen to Sofia’s great vocal trombone solo!

“Maria das Mercedes” (Djavan)
An original arrangement of the song by the great Brazilian composer Djavan.

“Ribalta” (Sofia Ribeiro)
A sad song with some fado influences for which I wrote a string section that I am very proud of.

“A Medida da Paixão” (Lenine)
A duo version from this beautiful song by Brazilian composer Lenine.

“Bola de chumbo” (Sofia Ribeiro, Juan Andrés Ospina)
Sofia had started writing this song a long time ago, but she was blocked and did not know how to continue it. We worked it together, and this is the result.

“Adversidade” (Sofia Ribeiro)
The lyrics of this song were originally a poem by Brazilian poet Cecilia Meireles. We tried to get in touch with the owner of the rights of the poem (the poet’s grandson), and not only he ignored us during 6 months, but in the end he refused to give us the rights to use it. Despite the frustration and stress of the situation, Sofia wrote a new set of lyrics where Sofia talks about the adversity and the adversities of life.

“Súplica” (Sofia Ribeiro, Juan Andrés Ospina, Miguel Torga)
We co-wrote the music for this beautiful poem by Portuguese poet Miguel Torga. Listen to the beautiful solo that the bass Petros Klampanis improvised for the session.

“No ar” (Sofia Ribeiro)

“Bola de sabão” (Sofia Ribeiro)

Sofia Ribeiro, voice
Juan Andrés Ospina, piano
Petros Klampanis, bass
Marcelo Woloski, percussion
Greg Ruggiero, guitar
Magda Giannikou, accordion

Mix and Master by Jeremy Loucas

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