Luisa Sobral, “The Cherry on my Cake” (Universal Music, 2011)



We recorded this album in October 2010 in Lisbon with Luisa and a great team of musicians. The Cd became huge success in Portugal, where it received a Golden Disk Award and later on a Platinum Disk Award.

“Not There Yet” (Luisa Sobral)
This was the first single of the album. I wrote a string arrangement emulating the fantasy of the song, which comes in 1:28.

“Clementine” (Luisa Sobral)

One of my favorite tunes from this cd. This one was recorded a year before the rest of the album with myself on the piano, Pablo Eluchans on drums, Pat Groenland on guitar and Dylan Coleman on bass (Boston, MA).

“Why Should I?” (Luisa Sobral)
An ironic song with a funny horns sections I wrote for trumpet, trombone and tenor sax.

“Xico” (Luisa Sobral)
On of the only two songs sang in Portuguese in the album, with a New Orleans vibe for which I wrote a horns section with clarinet, trombone and trumpet.

“I Would love to” (Luisa Sobral) I wrote a piano interlude for this song which appears several times throughout the tune, and leads to a simple piano solo in the middle.

Luisa Sobral, voice
Juan Andrés Ospina, piano
Joao Hasselberg, bass
Carlos Miguel, drums
Quarteto Arabesco, strings in ‘Not There Yet’