Juana Luna (Sound Star Entertainment, 2017)


The debut EP of Argentinian singer Juana Luna, which we recorded during August 2016 in New York and was released in July 2017.

“Amor de conuco” (Juan Luis Guerra)
An original arrangement of the famous song by Dominican singer songwriter Juan Luis Guerra, in which we feature harmonica Israeli player Yotam Ben Or.

“Amándote” (Jaime Roos)
An original arrangement from this famous candombe by Uruguayan singer songwriter Jaime Roos.

“Canción de cuna” (Juana Luna)
An original beautiful song by Juana Luna.

“Oración del remanso” (Jorge Fandermole)
An arrangement in 5/4 of the famous song by Jorge Fandermole, in which we feature Chris McQueen in the electric guitar.

“José Sabía” (Alejandro Balbis)
An arrangement of the song by the band “La vela puerca”, which became very popular during the 90s.

Gustavo Szulanski, Juan Andrés Ospina, Juana Aquerreta, artistic production

Juana Luna, voice
Juan Andrés Ospina, piano, background vocals
Andrés Rotmistrovsky, electric bass
Marcelo Woloski, percussion
Juancho Herrera, guitars
Chris McQueen, electric guitar in “Oración del remanso”
Yotam Ben Or, harmonica in “Amor de conuco”
Maria Jeffers, cello in “Canción de cuna”
Linus Wyrsch, tenor sax in “Amándote”
Matt McDonald, trombone in “Amándote”
Eleni Arapoglou, background vocals “Oración del remanso” y “Canción de cuna”

Jeremy Loucas mixing/mastering engineer
Daniel Sanint recording engineer
Recorded at Flux Studios (New York), August 2016

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