Juan Andrés Ospina “BBB: Barcelona, Bogotá, Boston” (Armored Records, 2009)



“Some breathtaking melodies on this recording, and it left me scrambling to recofigure my Best of 2010 lists. BBB is a must-buy. An absolutely welcome addition to the jazz landscape. Outstanding…”
(David Sumner, All About Jazz)

Juan Andrés Ospina releases his CD “BBB: Barcelona, Bogotá, Boston” in 2009. The album includes some of the tunes that the pianist composed during his years in these three cities, and the music blends some Colombian rhythms (bambuco, the pasillo and cumbia) with jazz elements such as the instrumentation and the improvisation. The music in the CD has been requested for educational purposes by institutions such as the NEC (New England Conservatory), Berklee College of Music, the UNT (University of North Texas) and the Universidad Javeriana (Bogotá, Colombia) amongst others, and the song “Todavía No” has been performed by the Paquito D’Rivera group in important venues such as the Carnegie Hall and the Blue Note.

“Todavía No” (Juan Andrés Ospina)
An original pasillo that I wrote while at Berklee. Listen to the amazing solo that Matan Chapnizka (tenor sax) plays in 3:08!

“Palmaniche” (Juan Andrés Ospina)
An original cumbia with some bluesy influences.

“Al Chicamocha” (Juan Andrés Ospina)
Another pasillo that I wrote several years ago, while living in Barcelona (Spain). This song was a finalist in the John Lennon Songwriting contest 2009.

“BBB” (Juan Andrés Ospina)
This is the only song that I wrote specifically for this cd, and its name gives the title to the cd “Barcelona, Bogotá, Boston”- it was in the years that I spent in these three cities that I wrote the music in this cd.

“Muy Antioqueño” (Hector Ochoa, arr. Juan Andrés Ospina)
An original arrangement I wrote this beautiful ‘bambuco’ written by Colombian composer Hector Ochoa. My father used to sing it very often when I was a kid.

“Yasé Mehóku Rira” (Juan Andrés Ospina)
Another original cumbia that I wrote while studying at Berklee. This is the only song in the album that features a 6 horn section. Listen to the amazing solo that trumpet player Billy Buss plays in 1:48.

“Amherst” (Juan Andrés Ospina)
A darker tune, based on an afternoon I spent at the University of Amherst. The place was empty, it was cold, foggy and rainy, and I had to spend hours wondering around waiting for a bus to Boston (why I got there is a long story!).

Juan Andrés Ospina, piano
Ben Roseth, alto/soprano sax
Matan Chapnizka, tenor sax
Ryan Dragon, trombone
Andrés Rotmistrovsky, bass
Austin McMahon, drums
Victor Cruz/Marcelo Woloski, Guest percussionists in BBB and Yasé Mehóku Rira